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Issue 6

Guest editorial

Perceptual high-lights 791 – 794
Ben W Tatler, Peter Thompson, Tom Troscianko

Open Access Creative Commons License

Barlow’s 1972 paper 795 – 807
Horace B Barlow, Andrew J Parker, Wolf Singer, Simon J Thorpe

Biederman and Cooper’s 1991 paper 809 – 825
Irving Biederman, Eric E Cooper, Zoe Kourtzi, Pawan Sinha, Johan Wagemans

Gregory’s 1977 paper 827 – 836
Richard L Gregory, Patrick Cavanagh, John D Mollon, Tom Troscianko

Lee’s 1976 paper 837 – 858
David N Lee, Reinoud J Bootsma, Barrie J Frost, Mike Land, David Regan, Rob Gray

Nakayama, Shimojo, and Ramachandran’s 1990 paper 859 – 877
Ken Nakayama, Sinsuke Shimojo, Barton L Anderson, Peter Kramer, Paola Bressan, Lothar Spillmann

Pollard, Mayhew, and Frisby’s 1985 paper 879 – 893
Stephen Pollard, John Mayhew, John Frisby, Bruce Cumming, Richard Szeliski, Christopher Tyler, Roger Watt, Ross Goutcher

Rayner’s 1979 paper 895 – 906
Keith Rayner, Simon P Liversedge, Antje Nuthmann, Reinhold Kliegl, Geoffrey Underwood

Rogers and Graham’s 1979 paper 907 – 919
Brian Rogers, Myron L Braunstein, Mike Harris, Joseph S Lappin, Hiroshi Ono

Thompson’s 1980 paper 921 – 932
Peter Thompson, Stuart Anstis, Gillian Rhodes, Linda Jeffery, Tim Valentine

Warrington and Taylor’s 1978 paper 933 – 947
Elizabeth Warrington, Jules Davidoff, Glyn W Humphreys, M Jane Riddoch, A David Milner

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Single units and sensation: A neuron doctrine for perceptual psychology? A1
H B Barlow

Evidence for complete translational and reflectional invariance in visual object priming A25
Irving Biederman, Eric E Cooper

Vision with isoluminant colour contrast: 1. A projection technique and observations A35
Richard L Gregory

A theory of visual control of braking based on information about time-to-collision A43
David N Lee

Transparency: relation to depth, subjective contours, luminance, and neon color spreading A67
Ken Nakayama, Shinsuke Shimajo, Vilayanur S Ramachandran

PMF: A stereo correspondence algorithm using a disparity gradient limit A85
Stephen B Pollard, John E W Mayhew, John P Frisby

Eye guidance in reading: fixation locations within words A107
Keith Rayner

Motion parallax as an independent cue for depth perception A117
Brian Rogers, Maureen Graham

Margaret Thatcher: a new illusion A127
Peter Thompson

Two categorical stages of object recognition A129
Elizabeth K Warrington, Angela M Taylor