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Issue 6

Perceived rigidity in motion-in-depth increases with contour perspective 481 – 498
Cyril Vienne, Laurent Blondé, Pascal Mamassian

Integrating shape cues of adiposity and color information when judging facial health and attractiveness 499 – 508
Claire I Fisher, Amanda C Hahn, Lisa M DeBruine, Benedict C Jones

Configural and featural discriminations use the same spatial frequencies: A model observer versus human observer analysis 509 – 526
Charles A Collin, Stéphane Rainville, Nicholas Watier, Isabelle Boutet

Timing of speech and display affects the linguistic mediation of visual search 527 – 548
Eric M Chiu, Michael J Spivey

Effects of attention on visible and invisible adapters 549 – 568
Yaelan Jung, Sang Chul Chong

Effects of using multiple hands and fingers on haptic performance in individuals who are blind 569 – 588
Valerie S Morash, Allison E Connell Pensky, Steven T W Tseng, Joshua A Miele

Short reports

Two-dimensional grouping affects perisaccadic perception of depth and synchrony 589 – 594
Reiko Aruga, Hideo Saito, Hideyuki Ando, Junji Watanabe

Reviews 595 – 604
Quigley on Friedenberg: Visual attention and consciousness
Westall on Hertle, Dell’Osso: Nystagmus in infancy and childhood
Wade on Pind: Edgar Rubin and psychology in Denmark: Figure and ground
Longstaffe on Todd, Hills, Robbins (Eds): Cognitive search: Evolution, algorithms, and the brain
Cavanagh, Conway on Mather: The psychology of visual art: Eye, brain and art

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