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Issue 3

Guest editorial

Perception and the social psychology of ‘The Dress’ 229 – 231
Alan Gilchrist

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Spatiotemporal relationships among audiovisual stimuli modulate auditory facilitation of visual target discrimination 232 – 242
Qi Li, Huamin Yang, Fang Sun, Jinglong Wu

The achromatic object-colour manifold is three-dimensional 243 – 268
Alexander D Logvinenko

The processing speed of scene categorization at multiple levels of description: The superordinate advantage revisited 269 – 288
Hayaki Banno, Jun Saiki

Signal detection measures cannot distinguish perceptual biases from response biases 289 – 300
Jessica K Witt, J Eric T Taylor, Mila Sugovic, John T Wixted

Orientation and spatial frequency selectivity following adaptation: A reaction time study 301 – 314
Sotiris Plainis, Neil R A Parry, Panagiotis Sapountzis, Ian J Murray

Flicker-defined forms in the Ternus display 315 – 327
Molly R Silva, J Timot Petersik

Short reports

The headscarf effect revisited: Further evidence for a culture-based internal face processing advantage 328 – 336
Yin Wang, Justin Thomas, Sophia C Weissgerber, Sahar Kazemini, Israr Ul-Haq, Susanne Quadflieg

Reviews 337 – 338
Aaen-Stockdale on Boyce: Human factors in lighting
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