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Issue 5

Guest editorial

PPP 473 – 476
Jan Koenderink

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Visual directional anisotropy does not mirror the directional anisotropy apparent in postural sway 477 – 489
Vivian Holten, Stella F Donker, Sjoerd M Stuit, Frans A J Verstraten, Maarten J van der Smagt

Dimensional interaction in distance judgment 490 – 510
Stephen Dopkins, Darin Hoyer

Global shape information increases but color information decreases the composite face effect 511 – 528
Talia L Retter, Bruno Rossion

Eye shape illusions induced by eyebrow positions 529 – 540
Soyogu Matsushita, Kazunori Morikawa, Saya Mitsuzane, Haruna Yamanami

Unbiased measures of interocular transfer of motion adaptation 541 – 555
Greta Vilidaitė, Daniel H Baker

Aesthetic preference in the spatial composition of traditional Chinese paintings 556 – 568
Lu Zheng, Zhang Weidong, Gao Xuchen

The sensory experiences of adults with autism spectrum disorder: A qualitative analysis 569 – 586
Ashley E Robertson, David R Simmons

The effect of age and gender on pressure pain thresholds and suprathreshold stimuli 587 – 596
Laura Petrini, Susan Tomczak Matthiesen, Lars Arendt-Nielsen

Short reports

The reference point for monocular visual direction can, sometimes, be one of the eyes rather than the cyclopean eye 597 – 603
Hiroshi Ono, Yosuf Saqib

Reviews 604 – 605
Finlay on Cronin, Johnsen, Marshall, Warrant: Visual ecology
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