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Issue 7

Vection is modulated by the semantic meaning of stimuli and experimental instructions 605 – 615
Masaki Ogawa, Takeharu Seno

Exploring the role of the amplitude envelope in duration estimation 616 – 630
Guillaume T Vallet, David I Shore, Michael Schutz

A slippery slope: Estimated slant of hills increases with distance 631 – 646
Eric M Chiu, Kyle A Thomas, Malte Persike, Joshua R Quan, Bruce Bridgeman

Spatial position influences perception of slope from graphs 647 – 653
Stacey Parrott, Emmanuel Guzman-Martinez, Laura Ortega, Marcia Grabowecky, Mark D Huntington, Satoru Suzuki

Early development of dynamic shape perception under slit-viewing conditions 654 – 662
Tomoko Imura, Nobu Shirai

Mean size as a unit of visual working memory 663 – 676
Hee Yeon Im, Sang Chul Chong

Contrast response functions with wide-view stimuli in the human visual cortex 677 – 693
Tianyi Yan, Bin Wang, Yansong Geng, Yaqi Yan, Nan Mu, Jinglong Wu, Qiyong Guo, Xiaoying Tang, Yanjun Zeng, Yuhua Peng

Long-term abacus training induces automatic processing of abacus numbers in children 694 – 704
Fenglei Du, Yuan Yao, Qiong Zhang, Feiyan Chen

Short reports

The size illusion and lightness contrast effect in Delboeuf-like displays: Possible evidence of percept–percept coupling 705 – 710
Olga Daneyko, Daniele Zavagno, Natale Stucchi

Reviews 711 – 714
Olzak on Lu, Dosher: Visual psychophysics: From laboratory to theory
Craig on Gallace, Spence: In touch with the future: The sense of touch from cognitive neuroscience to virtual reality

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