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Issue 8

Inversion improves the recognition of facial expression in thatcherized images 715 – 730
Lilia Psalta, Timothy J Andrews

Objects influence the shape of remembered views: Examining global and local aspects of boundary extension 731 – 753
Christopher A Dickinson, Daniel C LaCombe Jr

An effect of contrast and luminance on visual representational momentum for location 754 – 766
Timothy L Hubbard, Susan E Ruppel

Basis for motion capture in terms of illusory motion signal obtained from oblique lines 767 – 782
Makoto Ichikawa, Yuko Masakura

Superadditivity of the Ebbinghaus and Müller-Lyer illusions depends on the method of comparison used 783 – 795
Rachel M Foster, Volker H Franz

The perception of natural and modulated movement sounds 796 – 804
Christian Kennel, Alexandra Pizzera, Tanja Hohmann, Ricarda Ines Schubotz, Mauro Murgia, Tiziano Agostini, Markus Raab

Short reports

Effects of radial direction and eccentricity on acceleration perception 805 – 810
Alexandra S Mueller, Brian Timney

From the wrong point of view! Athletes’ ability to identify structured playing patterns suffers from the misalignment of tactic boards during time-outs in professional basketball 811 – 817
Karsten Schul, Daniel Memmert, Matthias Weigelt, Petra Jansen

The Butcher’s Tongue Illusion 818 – 824
Charles Michel, Carlos Velasco, Alejandro Salgado-Montejo, Charles Spence

Short and sweet

Is he playing solo or within an ensemble? How the context, visual information, and expertise may impact upon the perception of musical expressivity 825 – 828
Donald Glowinski, Arianna Riolfo, Kanika Shirole, Kim Torres-Eliard, Carlo Chiorri, Didier Grandjean

Reviews 829 – 831
Worthington on Goldenberg: Apraxia: The cognitive side of motor control
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