Volume 44  

Issue 1

Guest editorial

Visual art and visual perception 1 – 4
Jan Koenderink

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Developmental improvement and age-related decline in unfamiliar face matching 5 – 22
Ahmed M Megreya, Markus Bindemann

What’s that smell? An ecological approach to understanding preferences for familiar odors 23 – 38
Karen B Schloss, Carolyn S Goldberger, Stephen E Palmer, Carmel A Levitan

Postural responses to various frequencies of vibration of the triceps surae and forefoot sole during quiet standing 39 – 51
Masami Naka, Katsuo Fujiwara, Naoe Kiyota

Attentional biases and recognition accuracy: What happens when multiple own- and other-race faces are encountered simultaneously? 52 – 70
Thalia Semplonius, Catherine J Mondloch

Short reports

From sensation to perception: Using multivariate classification of visual illusions to identify neural correlates of conscious awareness in space and time 71 – 78
Hinze Hogendoorn

Facial cosmetics have little effect on attractiveness judgments compared with identity 79 – 86
Alex L Jones, Robin S S Kramer

Seeing red on the road 87 – 92
Amparo Díaz-Román, Alberto Megías, Carolina Díaz-Piedra, Andrés Catena, Leandro L Di Stasi

Change magnitude does not guide attention in an object change detection task 93 – 99
Simone K Favelle, Stephen Palmisano

Short and sweet

How perception affects racial categorization: On the influence of initial visual exposure on labelling people as diverse individuals or racial subjects 100 – 102
Géza Harsányi, Claus-Christian Carbon

What’s up with witch rings? 103 – 106
Priscilla Heard, David Phillips

Reviews 107 – 110
Stazicker on Gregory: Showing, sensing, and seeming: Distinctively sensory representations and their contents
Smith on Nobre, Kastner (Eds): The Oxford handbook of attention

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