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Issue 2

Depicting visual motion in still images: Forward leaning and a left to right bias for lateral movement 111 – 128
Peter Walker

Nonuniform changes in the distribution of visual attentionfrom visual complexity and action: A driving simulation study 129 – 144
George D Park, Catherine L Reed

Simulation of driving in low-visibility conditions: Does stereopsis improve speed perception? 145 – 156
Kevin R Brooks, Mohammed E Rafat

Temporal processing in bistable perception of the Necker cube 157 – 168
Jannis Wernery, Harald Atmanspacher, Jürgen Kornmeier, Victor Candia, Gerd Folkers, Marc Wittmann

Volitional mechanisms mediate the cuing effect of pitch on attention orienting: The influences of perceptual difficulty and response pressure 169 – 182
Rocco Chiou, Anina N Rich

Perception of animacy from the motion of a single sound object 183 – 197
Rasmus Høll Nielsen, Peter Vuust, Mikkel Wallentin

Effects of frequency separation and diotic/dichotic presentations on the alternation frequency limits in audition derived from a temporal phase discrimination task 198 – 214
Shoko Kanaya, Waka Fujisaki, Shin’ya Nishida, Shigeto Furukawa, Kazuhiko Yokosawa

Short and sweet

A new demonstration of the illusory letters phenomenon: Graphemic restoration in Arabic word perception 215 – 218
Timothy R Jordan, Mercedes Sheen, Maryam A AlJassmi, Kevin B Paterson

A new illusion at your elbow 219 – 221
Peter Brugger, Rebekka Meier

Reviews 222 – 227
Wagemans on Leeuwenberg, van den Berg: Structural information theory: The simplicity of visual form
                 on van der Helm: Simplicity in vision: A multidisciplinary account of perceptual organization
McGovern on Heller, Gentaz: Psychology of touch and blindness

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