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Issue 4

Theoretical approaches to lightness and perception 339 – 358
Alan Gilchrist
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Comments and responses to “Theoretical approaches to lightness and perception” 359 – 367

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        A common theoretical framework for brightness and lightness perception 359 - 362
        Barbara Blakeslee, Mark E McCourt

        The staircase Gelb stimulus 363
        Fred Kingdom

        Anchoring? 363
        Oliver Tošković

        Reply to comments 364-367
        Alan Gilchrist

Differential processing of vertical interfeature relations due to real-life experience with personally familiar faces 368 – 382
Meike Ramon

The Poggendorff illusion before Poggendorff 383 – 399
Daniele Zavagno, Olga Daneyko, Natale Stucchi

Catching objects thrown to oneself: Testing control strategies for object interception in a novel domain 400 – 409
Dennis M Shaffer, Richard S Marken, Igor Dolgov, Andrew B Maynor

Mo’ money, mo’ problems: Monetary motivation can exacerbate the attentional blink 410 – 422
Adam T Biggs, Stephen H Adamo, Stephen R Mitroff

Idealism and materialism in perception 423 – 435
David Rose, Dora Brown

Short reports

The nonvisual illusion of self-touch: Misaligned hands and anatomical implausibility 436 – 445
Rebekah C White, Jennifer L Weinberg, Anne M Aimola Davies

Testing the mechanisms underlying improved distance judgments in virtual environments 446 – 453
Benjamin R Kunz, Sarah H Creem-Regehr, William B Thompson

Applied Vision Association Christmas Meeting, London, UK 16 December 2014 455 – 469

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Reviews 470 – 472
Vatmanides, Etchells on Harris: Sensation and perception
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