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Issue 2/3

Guest editorial

Is the mind in the head? A belated response to Koenderink (1999) 103 – 106
Christopher Tyler

Pattern dot quantity affects auditory facilitation effects on visual object representations 107 – 116
Yasuhiro Takeshima, Jiro Gyoba

Pointing to azimuths and elevations of targets: Blind and blindfolded-sighted 117 – 128
Marta Wnuczko, John M Kennedy

Changes in context and perception of maximum reaching height 129 – 144
Jeffrey B Wagman, Brian M Day

Action-specific effects in aviation: What determines judged runway size? 145 – 154
Rob Gray, José Antonio Navia, Jonathan Allsop

The effect of stimulus size on stereoscopic fusion limits and response criteria 155 – 177
Philip M Grove, Nonie J Finlayson, Hiroshi Ono

A norming study and library of 203 dance movements 178 – 206
Julia F Christensen, Marcos Nadal, Camilo José Cela-Conde, Antoni Gomila

Short reports

Reversing the reversed contrast 207 – 213
Tiziano Agostini, Mauro Murgia, Alessandra Galmonte

Evaluating training methods for facial image comparison: The face shape strategy does not work 214 – 218
Alice Towler, David White, Richard Kemp

Short and sweet

Familiarity, expertise, and change detection: Change deafness is worse in your native language 219 – 222
John G Neuhoff, Steven A Schott, Adam J Kropf, Emily M Neuhoff

Time-to-contact estimation modulated by implied friction 223 – 225
Yuki Yamada, Kyoshiro Sasaki, Kayo Miura

Reviews 226 – 228
Carbon on Starr Feeling beauty: The neuroscience of aesthetic experience