ECVP 2007 Abstract

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Congiu S, Schlottmann A, 2007, "The perception of social and physical causality in high-functioning children with autism" Perception 36 ECVP Abstract Supplement

The perception of social and physical causality in high-functioning children with autism

S Congiu, A Schlottmann

We investigated perceptual causality for launch, reaction, and related events in twenty high-functioning children with autism (mean CA=13, VMA=9.7) and twenty-two typically developing controls. We employed a picture-choice methodology with low verbal demands following Ray and Schlottmann (2007 Research in ASD in press). Children watched 14 different animations and chose one of three pictures depicting physical or social causality, or non-causality. The performance of children with autism was comparable to that of typically developing children, with no deficit in launching or reaction, in contrast to previous work. This suggests that deficits in launching found in a younger sample (Ray and Schlottmann, 2007 loco cit.) may be overcome with age/higher verbal IQ. Generally weak performance as found by Bowler and Thommen for both groups (2000 Autism 4 147 - 171) may mainly reflect the high verbal demands of their test, while specific deficits on social animations (Bowler and Thommen, 2000 Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry 41 831 - 846) may only appear for more complex stimuli.

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