ECVP 2006 Abstract

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Ivanova V Y, Kulikov G A, Vaissertreiguer A S, Aleksandrov A Y, 2006, "Subliminal visual perception effects on human emotional status" Perception 35 ECVP Abstract Supplement

Subliminal visual perception effects on human emotional status

V Y Ivanova, G A Kulikov, A S Vaissertreiguer, A Y Aleksandrov

Most contemporary studies are concerned with conscious perception and its neurophysiological basis. Unconscious forms of visual perception have been shown to be important determinants of human behaviour, but there has been little exploration of the effects of subliminal perception on emotional state. We studied whether emotional state could be modified by subliminal stimuli. The emotional state was evaluated by the functional asymmetry ratio of the EEG. A negative emotional state was evoked by single-themed/unequivocal video passages and was revealed by a predominance of right frontal activation in the \alpha-band. The subliminally exposed video stimuli were presented as part of a positively signed short movie at the beginning of the experiment. The subject of this movie was a prank of a 3-month-old child, accompanied by corresponding infant vocalisations. This movie was selected as a valid species-specific, emotionally positive stimulus. In the main part of the experiment, an extremely short (30 ms) still from the emotionally positive video was inserted into the end of a negatively signed video segment. According to the functional asymmetry of the EEG, there was a significant difference in comparison with the effect of presenting an initial negative segment. This result points to a significant correction of the negative state on presentation of positive subliminal videos.

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