ECVP 2003 Abstract

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Charron C, Labbani-Igbida O, Mouaddib E M, 2003, "Sensory - motor approach to shape recognition" Perception 32 ECVP Abstract Supplement

Sensory - motor approach to shape recognition

C Charron, O Labbani-Igbida, E M Mouaddib

According to a radical sensory - motor approach, we postulate that action is a constituent of perception. Instead of considering the sensory input flow, our alternative approach to shape recognition proposes that we focus only on the motor commands involved during interactions with the object. The experiment uses a mobile robot, whose sensory inputs are linked to the motor commands so as to produce a sensory - motor coupling that forces the robot to exhibit a 'wall following' behaviour and makes it turn around the encountered objects. Through this behaviour, sensory flow and command sequences are strongly structured. Motor commands, far simpler than the sensory flow, allow the online learning of new shapes, thanks to a dynamic categorisation system, which also permits anticipation and faster recognition when the object is encountered again.

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