ECVP 2003 Abstract

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Pylyshyn Z W, 2003, "Connecting vision with the world" Perception 32 ECVP Abstract Supplement

Connecting vision with the world

Z W Pylyshyn

I have previously argued (Pylyshyn, 2001 Cognition 80 127 - 158) that there are both logical and empirical reasons for postulating a certain kind of non-semantic or non-conceptual connection between parts of visual representations and distal visual elements. This sort of connection can be viewed as a pointer or deictic reference (Ballard et al, 1997 Behavioral and Brain Sciences 20 723 - 767). I describe several experiments that illustrate the function of such mechanisms (which we have referred to as FINSTs). I also present several arguments why there must be something like a deictic pointer in order to 'situate' visual representations and connect them with their referents in a way that makes incremental construction of representations as well as visuo - motor coordination possible. To make this point concrete, I describe a series of experiments, focusing on the multiple object tracking paradigm, that reveal a variety of properties of this deictic reference mechanism. I also briefly allude to the implications of the FINST mechanism for a wide range of problems concerned with vision and with the foundations of cognitive science.

[Supported by NIMH Grant 1R01 MH60924.]

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