2012 volume 41(8) pages 1001 – 1002

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Wade N J, 2012, "The ghost of Helioth and his stereoscope: the return of a phantom" Perception 41(8) 1001 – 1002

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Short and sweet
The ghost of Helioth and his stereoscope: the return of a phantom

Nicholas J Wade

Abstract. Among the myths surrounding the invention of the stereoscope, that of Helioth stands as a supreme example of shoddy scholarship and its subsequent dissemination. Helioth was said to have made a simple stereoscope before Wheatstone presented his mirror stereoscope to the public in 1838. There is no evidence of Helioth’s existence prior to a report in the mid-twentieth century, and despite attempts to dispel his ghost it has recently resurfaced.
Keywords: early stereoscope, Wheatstone, Brewster, Elliot

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