2006 volume 35(12) pages 1693 – 1697

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Pokrywka L, Čabrić M, Krakowiak H, 2006, "Body mass index and waist : hip ratio are not enough to characterise female attractiveness" Perception 35(12) 1693 – 1697

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Body mass index and waist : hip ratio are not enough to characterise female attractiveness

Leszek Pokrywka, Milan Čabrić, Helena Krakowiak

Received 11 September 2005; in revised form 24 January 2006

Abstract. The assessment of characteristic body features of Miss Poland beauty contest finalists compared with the control group, can contribute to recognising the contemporary ideal of beauty promoted by the mass media. The studies of Playboy models and fashion models conducted so far have been limited to the following determinants of attractiveness: body mass index, waist : hip ratio, and waist : chest ratio, which only partially describe the body shape. We compared 20 body features of the finalists of Miss Poland 2004 beauty contest with those of the students of Medical Academy in Bydgoszcz. Discriminant analysis showed that the thigh girth – height index, waist : chest ratio, height, and body mass index had the greatest discrimination power distinguishing the two groups. A model of Miss Poland finalists figure assessment is presented which allows one to distinguish super-attractive women from the control group.

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