2006 volume 35(11) pages 1507 – 1520

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Motes M A, Finlay C A, Kozhevnikov M, 2006, "Scene recognition following locomotion around a scene" Perception 35(11) 1507 – 1520

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Scene recognition following locomotion around a scene

Michael A Motes, Cory A Finlay, Maria Kozhevnikov

Received 26 April 2005, in revised form 16 February 2006; published online 8 November 2006

Abstract. Effects of locomotion on scene-recognition reaction time (RT) and accuracy were studied. In experiment 1, observers memorized an 11-object scene and made scene-recognition judgments on subsequently presented scenes from the encoded view or different views (ie scenes were rotated or observers moved around the scene, both from 40° to 360°). In experiment 2, observers viewed different 5-object scenes on each trial and made scene-recognition judgments from the encoded view or after moving around the scene, from 36 deg to 180°. Across experiments, scene-recognition RT increased (in experiment 2 accuracy decreased) with angular distance between encoded and judged views, regardless of how the viewpoint changes occurred. The findings raise questions about conditions in which locomotion produces spatially updated representations of scenes.

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