2005 volume 34(2) pages 205 – 216

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Mohammed T, Campbell R, MacSweeney M, Milne E, Hansen P, Coleman M, 2005, "Speechreading skill and visual movement sensitivity are related in deaf speechreaders" Perception 34(2) 205 – 216

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Speechreading skill and visual movement sensitivity are related in deaf speechreaders

Tara Mohammed, Ruth Campbell, Mairéad MacSweeney, Elizabeth Milne, Peter Hansen, Michael Coleman

Received 22 January 2004, in revised form 24 June 2004; published online 23 February 2005

Abstract. Individual speechreading abilities have been linked with a range of cognitive and language-processing factors. The role of specifically visual abilities in relation to the processing of visible speech is less studied. Here we report that the detection of coherent visible motion in random-dot kinematogram displays is related to speechreading skill in deaf, but not in hearing, speechreaders. A control task requiring the detection of visual form showed no such relationship. Additionally, people born deaf were better speechreaders than hearing people on a new test of silent speechreading.

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