2000 volume 29(6) pages 745 – 754

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Martino G, Marks L E, 2000, "Cross-modal interaction between vision and touch: the role of synesthetic correspondence" Perception 29(6) 745 – 754

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Cross-modal interaction between vision and touch: the role of synesthetic correspondence

Gail Martino, Lawrence E Marks

Received 22 September 1999, in revised form 14 February 2000

Abstract. At each moment, we experience a melange of information arriving at several senses, and often we focus on inputs from one modality and 'reject' inputs from another. Does input from a rejected sensory modality modulate one's ability to make decisions about information from a selected one? When the modalities are vision and hearing, the answer is "yes", suggesting that vision and hearing interact. In the present study, we asked whether similar interactions characterize vision and touch. As with vision and hearing, results obtained in a selective attention task show cross-modal interactions between vision and touch that depend on the synesthetic relationship between the stimulus combinations. These results imply that similar mechanisms may govern cross-modal interactions across sensory modalities.

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