1996 volume 25(10) pages 1137 – 1175

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Wade N J, 1996, "Descriptions of visual phenomena from Aristotle to Wheatstone" Perception 25(10) 1137 – 1175

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Descriptions of visual phenomena from Aristotle to Wheatstone

Nicholas J Wade

Received 26 May 1995, in revised form 5 February 1996

Abstract. A history of the observational era of vision is presented through selected descriptions of phenomena by natural philosophers from Aristotle to Wheatstone. The descriptions are listed under the headings of optics, colour, subjective visual phenomena, motion perception, eye movements, binocular vision, and space perception.

"I have adopted the historical method, because it appears to me to have many obvious advantages over any other for my purpose, being particularly calculated to engage theattention, and to communicate knowledge with the greatest ease, certainty, and pleasure." (Priestley 1772, page vii)

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