1981 volume 10(5) pages 531 – 543

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Mershon D H, Desaulniers D H, Kiefer S A, Amerson  T L Jr, Mills J T, 1981, "Perceived loudness and visually-determined auditory distance" Perception 10(5) 531 – 543

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Perceived loudness and visually-determined auditory distance

Donald H Mershon, Douglas H Desaulniers, Stephan A Kiefer, Thomas L Amerson  Jr, Jeanne T Mills

Received 3 November 1980, in revised form 18 April 1981

Abstract. Three experiments were conducted to determine whether variations in the perceived distance to a test sound could influence its loudness in the absence of physical changes in sound-level. The phenomenon of visual capture provided the means for manipulating apparent distance. A 'dummy' loudspeaker was used to vary the apparent source location of a short noise stimulus while the true source of this sound remained fixed (and hidden) with respect to the observer. Sound-levels from 40 to 75 dB(A) were presented to independent groups of observers in either anechoic or semi-reverberant acoustical environments. In general, reported loudness increased with perceived distance. This finding has implications for conceptualizing the phenomenon of loudness constancy.

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