1977 volume 6(4) pages 365 – 376

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Johansson G, 1977, "Studies on visual perception of locomotion" Perception 6(4) 365 – 376

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Studies on visual perception of locomotion

Gunnar Johansson

Received 11 March 1977

Abstract. The problem about visual discrimination between seeing objects in motion and perception of motion of the perceiver (locomotion) was taken up. A flow of vertical motion was presented to limited areas of the far periphery (45°-90°) of the retina simultaneously with optical information about a stationary room over the rest of the retina. The result was that most subjects perceived themselves as sitting in an elevator continuously moving upward or downward. Thus, peripheral motion stimulation over a few percent of the retinal area determines locomotion perception in apparent competition with information about a static state over the rest of the retina. The same type of stimulus presented to the central part of the retina always brought about perception of object motion and a static perceiver.

Effects of size and localization of the area stimulated with the motion flow was studied. Theoretical consequences and problems for further experimental analyses are discussed.

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