1976 volume 5(3) pages 295 – 301

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McGuinness D, Lewis I, 1976, "Sex differences in visual persistence: experiments on the Ganzfeld and afterimages" Perception 5(3) 295 – 301

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Sex differences in visual persistence: experiments on the Ganzfeld and afterimages

Diane McGuinness, Ian Lewis

Received 8 December 1975

Abstract. Sex differences were investigated in two experiments on visual persistence: the Ganzfeld and the afterimage. Males were found to hold visual sensation longer than females, particularly in the Ganzfeld where there was little overlap of scores. Variability of experience in the Ganzfeld was also greater for males and they commonly reported 'blank-out' effects while females did not. There was further evidence from both experiments that females are more responsive to the long-wave region of the frequency spectrum.

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